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Determination and Resilience

Being determined and resilient is one of the key learning characteristics we talk about when thinking about a pupil’s personal development.  But what is resilience and how as parents can you support your child to build theirs. 

What is resilience?

Resilience is the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that children can learn to help them bounce back or recover after facing adversity. 

Resilience is not something you are born with.  It is something that develops through a child’s interaction with others including home and school.

Place2be reminds us that “when faced with challenges and difficulties, resilient children still experience anger, grief and pain. But they can function and recover." 

What happens in schools?

Opportunities are embedded throughout the curriculum for children to build their resilience from support to cope with making a mistake to problem solving activities. 

We have safe spaces in schools

How can you help your child build resilience?

Model self-care: be a role model, show and teach your child the importance of making time to eat properly, exercise and rest

Have fun and play together: Playing games such as board games help a child to learn useful skills such as turn taking, and problem solving.

Empower your child: ask your child to help with a task around the home.  Helping others will give them a sense of value and pride.

Independence and asking for help:  Encourage your child to do what they can by themselves rather than doing it all for them.  Let them know it is ok to ask for help.

Find their brave: Let your child know it’s ok to feel big emotions.  Remind your child they can do hard things, use examples of when they have been brave before.  

The following website has useful information and tips.