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Further development for our leaders

We recognise that we have a strong, focused and committed Senior Leadership Team in our schools and hubs who work relentlessly ensuring the very best for our pupils in all our schools and settings.

An absolutely key part of this team are our Assistant Academy Heads and Interim School Leads. Consortium have partnered with our colleagues Aziza and Nadia of Destino Coaching to provide a year long leadership development programme for them.

During sessions and back in their schools, they will work on supporting the wider leadership team, sharing good practice, problem solving around challenges and planning for the development of colleagues and how to effectively implement changes that support school improvement.

Sessions will support them to recognise their already huge range of strengths and to identify what we can further develop.

They are working individually but also collaboratively, using their leadership skills to inspire and influence our staff and pupils and to ensure that the positive impact of their work is directly felt in classrooms and the wider school by your children.

We are extremely proud of our leaders and their desire to always learn and develop, modelling lifelong learning for our pupils and whole school communities.

Written by Sam Davidson, Head of Service Curriculum