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Pupil Leadership

The Trust believes that all children have both the right and the ability to have successful futures through the development of their own leadership mindsets and communicational skills, which are supported outside of traditional teaching, including Educational Visits and Residentials which are linked closely to themes of learning.

We have also developed our own initiatives to enable children to participate in their own leadership programme 'Pupil Parliament' programme where pupils are able to see, hear and experience politics and debating in action, at a venue which is relevant and exciting. Children visibly grow in confidence and are inspired to develop their own thoughts and view points

A Pupil Parliament is held every term in a bid to ensure that pupils are given the opportunity to bring their ideas and pupil voice to an open forum, preparing them for the next step in their education and beyond.

In addition, the Trust works closely with national organisations including the Scouts Association and the #iWillCampaign to provide extended opportunities for children to experience and engage in leadership skills and community action outside of traditional learning environments.

Please discover more abut these programme below: