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Nursery Provision

The Early Years Foundation Stage is the founding bedrock needed to develop every child's love of learning, engagement and confidence for them to achieve their full potential and more.

A large number of Trust schools offer Nursery & Reception settings, providing education for Pre-Nursery for 2-3year olds, and Nursery, for 3-4year old aged children. 

Our Early Years Centre of Excellence at Kirkley Nursery, Lowestoft also offers day care for babies from 6 months of age, 50 weeks a year.

Nursery settings in our schools value the four principles of the early years foundation stage which are embedded throughout learning every day:-
  • A Unique Child - Every child is a competent learner from birth who can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.

  • Positive Relationships - Every child is taught respect of themselves, their peers and staff.

  • Enabling Environments - Offering children the opportunity to learn through exploration, enquiry and expression.

  • Learning and Development - Providing the best outcomes for our pupils across the seven areas of EYFS:-

    • communication and language
    • physical development
    • personal, social and emotional development
    • literacy
    • mathematics
    • understanding the world
    • expressive arts and design